With each illustrated piece of my work comes information about
the place where the plant first caught the attention of Lewis and Clark's
expedition party.
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In addition to prints, these illustrations are available in assorted sets
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More Background Information
You may know that most of the original dried plants and handwritten
botanical documentation were sent back to then-President Thomas Jefferson,
who of course had planned that this work be done. These specimens
became scattered after Merriwether Lewis' untimely death a few years
after the expedition returned. Eventually many were re-collected and now
reside at the Academy of Natural Sciences, a natural history museum
in Philadelphia — the town in which Lewis was trained in the science
of botany
before the expedition, by people Jefferson hand-picked.

This series of illustrations began while I was reading up on Lewis and Clark
expedition history near the beginning of the bicentennial celebration
of their journey (and seeing some of them in their native habitats). Turns out
I've lived most of my life somewhere near the path that led to that historic event:
the old National Road. It provided
Meriwether Lewis and his men
a relatively easy land route from the nation's capital, northwest to Pennsylvania,
to the confluence of the three rivers where their water journey began.

Lewis and the first members of the Corps of Discovery launched the ship built
in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (or perhaps it was built in nearby Elizabeth)
according to Captain Lewis’ design in 1803. There the waters of the Monongahela
and Ohio Rivers christened it and carried them westward to discover lands,
peoples, animals and, of course, plants never before scientifically documented.

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