These illustrations are all available as matted fine art prints, on note cards, and on other printed items. Go to the "To Order" page to find a catalog.

Limited Edition fine art prints of each of these twelve illustrations are available for purchase.
Each edition has 300 prints in its series. The plants' names appear on top
of the images only here on the web page. On each 100% cotton rag print, the common
and botanical names appear just below the art, in small type, and just above
the edition number and my signature.

Each print is a giclee´, and is mounted using conservation-quality backboards
and other materials. This means that these prints are of maximum archival quality.

In addition, each print is available with mats of two different standard outer
dimensions, ready to frame: 8" x 10" and 11" x 14".
With every print, you receive habitat information about each plant.

Please contact me for matting options, pricing and shipping details.
I prefer to provide these fine art prints to you already matted, ready to frame.
It is a way of protecting the print for shipping, and later will protect the print
from contact with the frame's glass. If you prefer to receive the print(s)
without the mat(s), please ask.

Other Printed Native Plant Offerings

If we've met at one of the occasional special events where I display my work, you
may be familiar with other printed items that bear my native plant illustrations.
These items include fine note cards using paper with high recycled content,
and 2010 calendars showing native plants in their glory as the seasons change,
to name just a few of them. As with the fine art prints, every item includes habitat
information about each plant it features. Please download this order form below,
which is really a catalog showing pictures of those various items, their descriptions
and pricing. It includes a form where you can indicate the pieces and
quantities you wish to order.

How to Order

On this page you'll find a downloadable
order form for your convenience.

For those who love but prefer not to garden with native plants,
acquiring my artwork is a great alternative!

Some Background
These illustrations are the result of many years of hiking to their habitats to see,
and many years of gardening with, native plants of the northeastern region
of our country. There are differing opinions about gardening with native plants.
My thinking is that we are constantly diminishing native plant habitats due to
encroachment by aggressive non-native plants and land development,
so finding suitable conditions and planting them in one's own backyard is
an act of conservation. Of course, conserving native plants also means
acquiring them
for one's yard from ethical growers, not digging them from the wild.
Another caution I offer to gardeners is that the rare plants are perhaps
best left to the conservation efforts of the professionals. I believe each state
publishes a list of such plants on the web. In Pennsylvania,
that list is on the DCNR website.

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